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  1. The system is available at:  it provides e-licences for fishing with a fishing rod in all fisheries of Polish Angling Association (PAA) Region Nowy Sacz.
  2. The system offers licences for Dunajec Special Zone and other fisheries for the following periods: one-day and one-year permissions for members of PAA, non-members, and foreigners.
  3. One must confirm acquainting with these Rules and Regulations only then it is possible to purchase the permission.
  4. Purchased fishing licence, printed or registred on electronic device, is valid:
    • for PAA members together with polish angler's card (rod licence) and member's card together with a paid membership fee for a given year
    • for Polish citizens who are not members of PAA together with polish angler's card (rod licence)
    • for foreigners together with passport confirming foreign citizenship; polish angler's card (rod licence) not required.
  5. Advantages of buying e-licences using online payment system:
    1. online payment offers fast and secure payment for fishing (you get your licence immediately),
    2. when paying for e-licences with a cash card or online transfer no additional costs are incurred
    3. payment is realised via PayU system. PayU supports two types of payment:
      • payment realised as an electronic transfer, cashless payment in Polish or foreign currency as an Internet transfer
      • payment realised using cash cards (Protected Payment), cashless payment in Polish or foreign currency made with the use of cash cards which were accepted by the banks to realise transactions in the Internet environment.
  6. After the transfer has been confirmed by the PayU system, fishing licence is available on the website immediately after the payment.
  7. When the payment has been confirmed it is possible to print fishing licence using the button on the website. At the same time, e-mail with the image of fishing licence is sent to the email address included in the application form.
  8. Fishing licences for Dunajec Special Zone and for other fisheries (except whole year licence for other fisheries) instead printing can be saved on electronic device, and showed rangers to control directly from the screen. But it's your responsibility that this electronic device will work correctly. In case of discharge battery or any device damage you should stop fishing immediately untill you get access to your licence again.
  9. Only whole year fishing licence for all fisheries except Dunajec Special Zone should be printed (with angler's record), because in that type of licence you have to fill angler's record manually (on paper) at fishery.
  10. Personal data included in the application form enable identification and confirmation of legal status of the purchased right to fish in the form of e-licence . All personal data included in the application form shall be included in the printed version of e-licence. Client's personal data can be changed after personal contact with the office of PAA Region Nowy Sącz. It is not possible to change the date of the catch to the purchased license or reasing from the purchased license.
  11. All information concerning purchase of e-licence is available at the office of PAA Region Nowy Sącz, at the following address: Okręg Polskiego Związku Wędkarskiego w Nowym Sączu, ul. Inwalidów Wojennych 14, 33-300 Nowy Sącz or at the telephone number +48 18 441 42 40
  12. In accordance with the act of the 29th of August 1997 concerning the protection of personal data (consolidated text Journal of Laws from 2002 no. 101 position 926, with later changes) I hereby agree my personal data included in the application form of the purchase of e-licence to be processed by PAA Region Nowy Sacz, address ul. Inwalidów Wojennych 14, 33-300 Nowy Sącz. The said personal data was included by me in the application form of the purchase of e-licence at the following Internet address: www This data was handed over in order to ensure proper functioning and complete accomplishment of the service provided by PAA.
  13. I hereby declare that I was informed about the right to access the content of the data handed over by me and the right to correct this data and that all the personal data was handed over by me of my own accord. The said personal data shall be protected by PAA with all due thoroughness, in particular they shall never be offered to third party persons.
If you are foreigner, non-associated in Polish Angling Associaton (PAA), don't choose this option. In that case choose "Non-associated" option.